Give me 12 Weeks and I'll have you Motivated, Fit, Driven, Confident and Competitive once again
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Is here to correct your fitness habits, educate you on nutrition and make sure you are in the shape you want to be.  
Enter Your Details To Schedule a FREE Athletic Reboot Consult to see if my Coaching and Training Programs are the Right Fit for You!
  • OUR 'program name" is  a fully customised program that is tailored to your specific goals and needs. 
  • IT"S A proven high-performance system, designed to sculpt, enhance and shape your body like nothing else  - backed by a money back guarantee! That's how confident I am in getting you results! 
Introducing Adam Corrigan's
Get a tailor made 12 week plan to get you back into the shape you want. 
Enter events to give you that drive 4 weeks at a time. They are A LOT of fun!
See results, improve your health, motivation & get your confidence back
If you're sitting at work and struggling to find motivation years after competing in a sport.
 I FEEL your pain! 
I've been through it, lived with depression, and had NO Motivation. 
I changed it ALL within 4 Months and you can too!  
For a fraction of the cost of a Personal Trainer, you too can have access to the methods I used to get my confidence, motivation & fitness back.  

When you sign up to my exclusive coaching program, you are given the hands-on and personalized guidance that has been proven to work for many former athletes who struggle with the same problem.

Let me help reboot your fitness, boost your confidence, inspire motivation and have you achieve more athletic feats with my coaching program!

When you join me, I promise you that I will:

  •  Design a training program for YOUR schedule
  •  Design a training program for YOUR needs
  •  Provide you with eating guidelines and a sample meal plan based on YOUR requirements
  •  Be there every step of the way to answer YOUR questions and support YOUR journey. 
Programs are made for your goals. From home, from a gym, or from outer space, I'll have a program to help you get results.
Nutrition is a massive part of the success. NO generic eating plans, I will learn about you and your eating and adapt your diet from there. 
Training the mind to lead the body to success is key in the pursuit of fitness. With constant short term goal setting your head will be in the game all the time!
My clients and their success mean everything to me, if you need me I will be there for you!!
My customised online training programs 
are comprehensive and holistic in 
approach, and include the following services:
An initial Phone consultation to allow me to assist you in identifying any potential limiting factors outside of your training.

A 12 week personalised training program depending on your goals, videos demos will be included.

Nutritional support & recommendations based on your requirement to maximise your results. 

Weekly check-ins, text and email support .

Motivational Support.

My Personal Email For The Ultimate 24/7 Email Support & Guidance.
This program will help you face your fears. Push you to the next level & inspire you once again!
  •  Driven: You must be driven for success
  •  Tough: Life gets tough, who cares, we keep going.
  •  Fun: If you're not having fun, you're missing the point.
  •  Athletes: Former athletes, any level, team or individual sports
  •  Corporate: You must be working, and want to go to the next level.
  •  Determined: We lose our confidence at some point, rebuilding it is the key.
  •  Adventurous: Must be willing to try new things.
  •  Commit: Must be willing to commit to 4-6 days a week training.
  •  Lifestyle: Must be willing to give up things that won't help you progress.
  •  Age: Male or Female 30-55
  •  Improvement: Looking to improve energy, health, diet, productivity at work and motivation.
  •  Experience: Any level of sport, beginner level of gym experience  is necessary 

10 years of rugby, 29 years of martial arts & 15 years competing at the highest level for multiple national teams and 2 reserve Olympic teams has given me an ample amount of experience with losing games and fights, dealing with injuries and having to build yourself back up again both physically and mentally. 

After retiring from professional fighting I was lost, confused about my path and identity, and lacked confidence and motivation. From fighting in a cage or ring too not even wanting to go to a pool party cause I felt out of shape.  

Then I realized I needed to focus on my future and not my past. So I made a decision to do something new every 4 weeks. I started with 100 mile bike ride.  I had a deadline, I was motivated and I was getting fitter both physically and mentally with every ride.  My confidence rebounded and I was myself again. This time there was no pressure, I didn't care about winning or losing, just enjoying the ride. 

Since my first ride I have completed a marathon, a Cross fit Competition, a second Bike Race Tahoe and now in November a Physique Competition.  For a tall skinny guy this is going to be a fun one!
I WILL....

Give you my guarantee that if you stick with my programs, show up and do the work while keeping your diet in check, you will see results. If you don't I will be more than happy to refund your money.

How do I get your programs

After having a consultation with me and knowing if you're the right person to work with. We will talk about your goals, what you want to achieve and I can design a plan for you. 

Your personalized program will be delivered via email everyday you have a workout planned. The details will be attached as to why you're doing the workout as well as all the specifics. Videos will be attached incase you are unsure of the exercise.
What if I have injuries

Injuries happen, I've been through my fair share. But I know that there is always something the body can do. I will never tell you to push through the pain of an injury, but make sure its getting rehabbed correctly with the correct help and that we make progress in getting you back to full health. 

We'll work around the injury to make sure the rest of the body is getting fit and healthy so the injuries can heal with due process.  

I only played sport in high school

Playing sports are the glory days, we experience wins and losses at a young age and more important we learn how to deal with them. Even if you only played sports when you where young you will still have the right mentality for my programs. 
My goal is to bring you back to those glory days, when you were hungry, motivated and eager to win at all costs. That flame can be reignited and that's what my programs are based around. 

 What are the events you talk about

Doing something you have never done or thought about doing is the first steps to getting our confidence rebooted. These events give you a massive sense of accomplishment, in turn, you grow with confidence, become motivated, get competitive and regain your youth.
Having mini goals to push you towards major goals is important. I'll help find events for you to join in your city to give you a purpose to train and measure where you are at with your fitness. Not only are these events, fun and a great challenge, but incredibly rewarding once completed.